Green Energy

Here at total future we believe in making our imprint on society a bit greener. This can be achieved by using what alternative energy sources we have available here today. These include and are not limited to wind and solar generation. While the solar scheme has been reduced you still can make good on the environment and produce your own electricity. This would reduce your cost of energy and your carbon imprint.

While at this point of time my wind generation is in test phase (for the next 18 months) it will be made available once the output power curves and patterns have been attained. This in the long run would be able to make you money on the power you supply back into the grid.

The fact still remains that coal is not going to last forever and even with gas turbines picking up the slack the price increase on gas is quite staggering. We as consumers will pay the price for every hike in gas.

With green energy starting to play a major part in today’s economy we can use this technology and to some extent limit the price increases in our coal & gas commodities. So the more energy we produce free from the sun & wind patterns the better our future can be.



Being a licensed electrician who pursues the green energy has lead me down the path of better lighting systems that are more energy efficient and are brighter than ordinary incandescent lighting. LED lighting has come along way these days and can be retrofitted to your existing house and even new points added in.

That would take the overall cost of electricity supply to your house/commercial resident down significantly.


We can offer a vast number of possibilities to your home/business from extra lighting points to new installations. Some of the current work we have been doing is upgrading boards to meet current standards for RCD protection and having hard wired smoke alarms. Maintenance on strata housing as well as outdoor lighting with the use again of LED lighting to reduce the cost of electricity that you are using.

If you are want the gadgets design home where it can be automated from turning your lights on to controlling your sounds system from yoiu phone we at Total Future have many was to make this a reality. From laying out your lighting plan to full digital automation in your house the sky is the limit.

Testing the installation with the latest tools can give you satisfaction and peace of mind that the job is done right the first time.



With a open communication license this allows me to complete a variety of tasks in your home/office from simple extra phone point to complex back bone wiring systems. With the co axial, cat5 and fibre endorsements this allows the flexibility to install complex data systems that big companies require to small self router with additional computer points.

With today’s computer cable getting faster and faster is seems fair to keep up with the latest technology by continually remaining in touch with new courses being and subscribing to many technology sites. This further helps me to install the best possible system for your personal needs.

We have recently installed some new phone points to existing house and have changed around a few network systems to match growing company’s requirements.

We have had a license to do this work in the late 90’s and today we have done many refresher courses to stay at the top of the field. Fiber is an option today as most of the broad band services will be optic fibre right up to you audio and visual gear.


Security Agent

With a security agent and installers license this allows me to complete a variety of tasks in your home/office from simple zone upgrades or complete system (Monitored or not). CCTV is becoming increasingly pro-dominate with in society today and the expectations or camera and using there information they record is vital with police and prosecution of offenders.


With today’s society being more concerned about personal security in the home/office we can offer a range of services from simply upgrading your existing alarm or as far as putting in a monitored system with CCTV and some thing you can even log in with you phone and check on the system.

As technology is growing and the camera’s getting more accurate and pixels becoming more clearer a new CCTV linked to your phone can not only make you feel safe but also have a recording of the person who enters your home/office.