About Us

About Total Future Energy Innovations

Our Values

Here at total future energy innovations we believe in placing a smaller footprint on the environment by better using power savings and more economical machines in our daily lives. This can be achieved by using the methods that we have designed for you; examples of this is using LED lighting instead of conventional globes. Using Led televisions instead of plasma and other practices like that. For more savings feel free to book us in for an inspection of your house and possible ways of cutting down energy usage,

Our Background

I started my apprenticeship in the 90′s and soon got caught up in the mining boom and proceeded to work up north for more than ten years both above and below ground. With today’s technology getting more advance and computers becoming smaller and faster I believed that more training was required so as not to limit myself to being only an electrician so in the late 90′s I gained my open class communication license so I could now run computer, fiber and co-axial cable and test. Still not satisfied with that and the fact that high voltage switching had become and extra necessity on the mine site I started training for that and gained that qualification in 2000. A few more years passed and I believed that my family life was suffering being away most of the time. So I decided to leave the mines and come back to Perth and go back to where I started in the domestic and commercial sector, Here today at Total Future Energy Innovations we believe in a balanced life between family and work being able to service specialized home automation as well as alarms/ CCTV and communications as well as good old electrical work.

My beautiful wife on the other hand has excelled herself in managing  the daily running of the business. Her impeccable organization skill from ordering materials to bookkeeping and bring up our son while still finding time to answer phones and order gear for jobs has been a blessing in disguise. With her Bachelor degree in business administration it has been a beneficial and complements my hands on experience to running this business